How to enable closed captioning on shows and movies
How to enable closed captioning on shows and movies
Hulu is committed to expanding its library of closed-captioned content. Locate the gear icon during playback to turn on closed captioning where available.

We currently receive closed-captioning data and subtitles for some of our shows, and we are committed to expanding our library of closed-captioned content. Below are instructions for enabling closed captioning on your device.



How do I enable captions on

While browsing, hover your mouse over an episode or movie thumbnail until a box with additional details appears. For videos where closed captioning is available, you’ll see “CC” beneath the air-date. To enable captioning during playback, hover over the Gear icon and choose On under Closed Captions. Your preference will now be remembered for future videos that offer this ability. 


Hulu Closed Caption Video Settings


You can also find closed captioned videos by using the TV drop-down at the top left of any page on From the Popular and Recently Added pages, select CC to display only videos with captioning. You can also find this filter on any search results pages. For movies and TV, you can also visit to navigate through CC info. 




How do I enable captions on my phone or tablet?

  • iPad, iPhone and iPod: During playback, tap the 3 dots icon and select CC. Then select the language. 


  • Android: During playback, tap Options and select Language.


  • Windows Phone 8: During playback, tap the Gear icon and select Language. If you're running Windows 8.1, tap the Settings Charm during playback.


  • Kindle Fire: During playback, tap the Gear icon and select English or Options (depending on your model).


  • Nook: During playback, tap the Gear icon and select Closed Captions.



How do I enable captions on my TV?

To enable captions on your smart TV, Blu-ray player, or other internet-connected device, there are two possible ways: 

1. Press the up arrow twice on your remote during playback, and navigate over to the CC icon. Press your remote's enter or select button to toggle the On/Off option.

* For some older devices, CC options can be toggled on and off during playback by pressing the down arrow and navigating to the CC icon. 

2. From the main page of the Hulu application, navigate right to the Settings icon. Access the Closed Captions section to enable captions for all content where it's offered. 


If you're using an Apple TV, press and hold the Select option on your Apple TV remote during playback. If captions are available, you will then see the Subtitles menu with the ability to toggle between English and Off. Your selection will be remembered for future videos. 



If you have any feedback on Hulu's captions support, feel free to reach out to us by phone at (877) 485-8411, by fax at (310) 689-3050, by mail at Hulu, 2500 Broadway, 2nd Floor, Santa Monica, CA 90404, or by email at

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