Audio/sound issues on
Audio/sound issues on
Most of the audio issues you might experience when watching on can often be fixed with a few simple adjustments.

Below are some suggestions to relieve audio and sound playback issues:


1. Verify that the volume settings in the Hulu player have the correct settings. Make sure that the video you're watching isn't muted and that the volume is not set too low.  (The volume controls are found in the lower right corner of any video you are watching)


2. Verify that your computer speaker volume and settings are correctly set. On a Windows computer, you can check this by double-clicking the volume icon in the System Tray and making sure that none of your volume settings are muted. On a Macintosh system, the volume controls are located in the top right corner of the screen.


3. Verify that other media speakers such as Windows Media Player or QuickTime can output audio. Are you able to hear a video that's stored locally on your computer?


4. Restart the browser and try watching Hulu videos again.


5. Try clearing your browser cache and then playing a video on Hulu again.


6. Clear your memory dedicated to Flash by performing the following:

1. Go to the homepage.

2. Click on the big video image in the middle of the screen (this will bring up the video player).

3. Right-click on the video and select the "Settings..." menu option.

4. Click the third tab with the folder icon. You should see a menu that says "Local Storage".

5. Drag the slider all the way to "0" and then click "OK".

6. Drag the slider back up to "100KB" and then click "Close".

7. Try to play any video at Hulu.

8. Try re-booting your computer.


If these steps do not resolve your issue, you may need to reinstall your Flash drivers. To do so:

1. Uninstall Flash following these steps.

2. Restart your computer.

3. Reinstall the latest version of Flash following these steps.

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