Getting started with Hulu on TiVo
Getting started with Hulu on TiVo
To get started with Hulu on your TiVo, access the Hulu app from TiVo Central, log in with your Hulu credentials, and you're ready to start watching.



Supported models

TiVo Premiere with HD menus

TiVo Bolt

TiVo Roamio

TiVo Mini



Downloading the Hulu app

TiVo devices will automatically update to receive the Hulu app. Please note that you may not see the Hulu application appear on your TiVo until a day or two after updating to the most recent software version. To manually initiate a connection to the TiVo service, go to TiVo Central and select TiVo Central > Settings & Messages > Settings > Network > Connect to the TiVo Service now.


To access the Hulu application once your TiVo device is up-to-date, navigate to TiVo Central > Find TV, Movies, & Video > Hulu. 



Logging into your Hulu account

There are two ways you can log in to the Hulu application on your TiVo:


Using the On-Screen Keyboard

  1. On the Activate This Device page, select Log in to Hulu
  2. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter your email address and password
  3. Then move the cursor down, and select Login


Or, you can activate your TiVo on

  1. On the Activate This Device page, you will see an alphanumeric Device Activation Code (for example, 6K47J3)
  2. Using a standard web browser, navigate to (and sign in, if prompted)
  3. Enter the device activation code displayed on your TV screen and click Activate
  4. Within about 30 seconds, your TiVo will be automatically logged in to your Hulu account



Signing up for Hulu

For new subscribers, first launch the Hulu app. TiVo devices running the most recent version of Hulu will have the ability to sign up directly from within the app. By signing up for Hulu on your TiVo, you will be billed each month through your payment source. You can also sign up for Hulu through a mobile or computer browser by visiting For more information about Hulu billing, please visit here


For help managing your Hulu subscription, please visit here



How to play videos on Hulu

  1. In My Account go to Change DVR Preferences and confirm that 'Enable video downloads' is checked.
  2. Access Hulu on your TiVo box:
    • Set your TiVo to the HD menu:  Settings > Displays > Choose TiVo Menus > TiVo with HD Menus
  3. Link your TiVo box with your Hulu account by following the on-screen prompts. When asked if you’re already a Hulu subscriber, say ‘Yes’. You will be provided with a code, which you can enter online at Alternatively, you can use enter your Hulu login credentials through the log-in screen to activate the device.
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