Getting started on the Nintendo Wii
Getting started on the Nintendo Wii
To get started with Hulu on your Nintendo Wii, download the channel from your Wii Shop Channel, log in with your Hulu credentials, and start watching your favorite shows.



Downloading the Hulu app

To download and install the Hulu App on your Nintendo Wii, please visit the Wii Shop Channel and look in the Wii Channels section. Once the installation is complete, you will see a green tile labeled Hulu in the Wii menu.  



Logging in to your Hulu account

When you first launch the Hulu Channel, you will be asked if you are already a Hulu subscriber. If you are, you can use either of the two methods below to log in to your account. If you don't have a Hulu account, please visit to get your subscription started. For help managing your Hulu subscription, please visit here


Using the On-Screen Keyboard

  1. On the Activate This Device page, select Log in to Hulu
  2. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter your email address and password
  3. Then move the cursor down, and select Login


Or, you can activate your Wii on

  1. On the Activate This Device page, you will see an alphanumeric Device Activation Code (for example, 6K47J3)
  2. Using a standard web browser, navigate to (and sign in, if prompted)
  3. Enter the device activation code displayed on your TV screen and click Activate
  4. Within about 30 seconds, your Wii will be automatically logged in to your Hulu account



How to navigate Hulu on your Wii

The Hulu app supports the full functionality of the Wii Remote, so you can use the cursor-based point-and-click mode or use the D-pad (directional pad). Pressing the "A" button will select a menu option and "B" will cancel or move back a step in our menus.


Parental controls

Access to our application can be restricted using the Wii's built in parental controls. When applied, this feature essentially locks our application and allows access only when the selected PIN is entered. Our age restrictions are in place regardless of this feature so if the age on an account is set under 17, then mature content will be restricted.


How to Set Parental Controls: 

  1. In the Wii Menu, click on Wii Options in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen
  2. Click the Wii Settings option
  3. On page 2 of the Wii Settings, click Parental Controls
  4. When prompted with the Change parental controls message, click Yes
  5. Enter your PIN and click OK
    NOTE: If you don't remember your PIN, please refer to this Nintendo
    support article.  
  6. When you see the confirmation message, click OK
  7. Click Next until you see this message: Use of the Internet Channel and viewing of certain content which is not subject to game rating
  8. Click Restrict
  9. Once you've updated all the Parental Controls settings, click Confirm
  10. Click Settings Complete
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