Getting started with Hulu Kids
Getting started with Hulu Kids
Hulu Kids is a great collection for Hulu subscribers that brings together kids shows in one secure area on and across supported Hulu devices.

Below, we've answered some questions that you may have about the family-friendly hub.



How do I access Hulu Kids?

To access Hulu Kids on, click on KIDS at the top left of any page. For access on supported devices, such as Android and iOS devices, Kids will appear as an option on the main page of your device's Hulu application. 



Will Hulu Kids be available on my device?

Hulu Kids is currently available on several Hulu applications, including Android and iOS devices. For mobile devices running the most recent version of Hulu, you will see Kids on the main screen of the Hulu app or through the main navigation menu. Even though the hub isn't yet accessible on all devices (such as TV-connected devices), the content featured in Hulu Kids is available to all Hulu subscribers. 

iOS and Android devices allow you to "lock" your device into Kids-only mode, preventing anyone from watching non-kid-friendly content or navigating away from the section until your account's password has been entered.



How safe is it for kids to use?

Hulu Kids makes it easy for parents and kids to watch their favorite shows in a safe environment. In this hub, parents and kids can access children's programming, making it easy to jump to their favorite shows. 

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