How do I fix commercial-loading errors?
How do I fix commercial-loading errors?
It's possible to encounter an error about ad-blocking software or being unable to load a message from our sponsors. If you don't have such software, there are some steps to help resolve that message.

While watching videos on, you may run into the following: "Sorry, we're unable to load a message from our sponsors." You will find some steps below to help resolve that error message. 



I'm having trouble seeing all commercials

If you're not able to play any commercials on, there are some possible scenarios listed below:

1. Not being able to see commercials while using one browser (commercials play properly when is accessed from a different browser on the same computer).

  • Try disabling any ad-blocking software (such as AdBlock and AdBlock Plus). For more information on how to disable such software, please visit our AdBlock article
  • Check for any extensions on your browser that could potentially block commercials. 

- Firefox: Tools menu->Add-ons

- Internet Explorer: Tools menu->Manage add-ons

- Safari: Help menu->Installed Plugins

- Chrome: Wrench menu or menu with 3 parallel lines->Extensions

  • Changing to an alternate browser on your computer, such as Firefox or Google Chrome, may also help to resolve the message.

2. Not being able to see commercials across all web browsers or on multiple computers attached to the same network:

  • Security software such as Kaspersky, McAfee or Norton: Please try lowering security settings or disabling the software and then attempt to play a video on again. 
  • Check Network/Firewall settings to see if there are any restrictions in place



I'm having trouble seeing some commercials

If you have intermittent issues loading commercials on, there are a few steps to help resolve the message. 

1. Ensure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash ( ).

2. If everything is up to date, clear your Flash cache by visiting here and clicking "Delete All Sites" in the Website Storage Settings panel. Do note that this step may require you to log back in to any Flash-based applications and websites. 

3. Check your internet ping and download speeds:

  • This message can also appear if your download speed is slow or inconsistent. In order to connect quickly and accurately to our servers, a fast ping speed is required. Go to ( ) and click the green Begin Test button. For optimal performance, please make sure that your ping test is below 50 ms and with no packet loss. 
  • Visit ( ) and click on the green Begin Test button. Once the test is complete, please compare your results against our requirements.


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