Bravo/Oxygen/SyFy/USA shows on Hulu
Bravo/Oxygen/SyFy/USA shows on Hulu
A variety of shows from Bravo, SyFy, USA and Oxygen are available the day after air to select pay-TV subscribers.

NBCU has opened up access to catch-up episodes of current shows from Bravo, SyFy, Oxygen and USA to viewers that have subscribed to a participating pay-TV service. Through cable authentication, eligible subscribers will now be able to watch five-rolling episodes online, on PCs, the day after they air. Below are some questions that you may have regarding this update. 



Why do I have to wait 30 days to watch my favorite Bravo/SyFy/Oxygen/USA shows?

Currently, viewers that are subscribed to participating pay-TV subscriptions are able to watch shows from Bravo, Oxygen, USA, and SyFy the day after they air on TV. In most other cases, episodes will usually be available on for free 30 days after they air on TV. Prior to this authentication agreement, many of these shows have only been available through online distribution 30 days after air. Currently, only supported pay-TV subscribers are eligible to see Bravo/SyFy/Oxygen/USA shows the next day on, and and Hulu.



How long are Bravo/SyFy/Oxygen/USA shows available after the 30 day window?

In most instances, users can watch Bravo/SyFy/Oxygen/USA shows for up to 35 days. Content not produced by NBCU will often be available for 9-14 days.



Can I watch Bravo/SyFy/Oxygen/USA shows through my Hulu-enabled devices?

Current season NBCU shows are not available on Hulu-enabled devices. These shows are available on the PC only through


A selection of previous season NBCU shows are available on Hulu-enabled devices. For more information regarding show and device availability, visit a show's main page (e.x. 



I’m a Hulu subscriber. Why do I still have to wait for my show?

To qualify for next-day viewing under NBC's new policies, you must be an authenticated subscriber from a supported pay-TV provider. Please note: These shows are available on desktop only, and are not available through Hulu-enabled devices.



I'm a subscriber on the No Commercials plan and I've connected my pay-TV provider, why do I still see commercials?

For Hulu subscribers who have authenticated with their pay-TV provider on, shows that are not part of the Hulu subscription service will still have commercial breaks. While rare, it's important to note that not all shows on are a part of the Hulu subscription – A good example of this is Suits.


To qualify for next-day viewing for certain NBCU content, you must be an authenticated subscriber from a supported pay-TV provider. To see if your current pay-TV provider supports authentication, please visit ( for a complete list. Additionally, these shows are available on desktop only, and are not available through Hulu-enabled devices.


 Please visit this help article for more information about authenticated content on Hulu.



I subscribe to a pay-TV service. How do I know if they’re one of your supported providers?

To see if your specific pay-TV service is one of the participating providers for NBCUniversal, please visit ( to search for your provider. Here you can also connect to your provider to access next-day content for certain shows. If your provider is not on the list, you won't be able to view next-day content through authentication. The list of supported providers will continue to expand, so check back often to see if your TV provider has been added. That said, many episodes will be available for unauthenticated users after a limited delay.


It’s important to note that some supported cable and satellite TV subscriptions do not include the rights to view content from all authentication-enabled networks. Users with these cable and satellite TV subscriptions will not be able to view shows from certain networks, such as NBCUniversal. At this time, we do not have a way to confirm whether a specific cable subscription is eligible for authentication through Hulu, and we recommend contacting your provider's customer support directly.



I have a subscription to one of your supported providers. How do I authenticate my account on

If you have a subscription with one of our supported cable or satellite TV providers, you can connect your account by visiting

    Log in to your Hulu account or connect through Facebook.
  1. Use the “Search For Your Provider” section to enter your cable or satellite provider.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to connect your account

You will also be directed to the authentication page when you click on the gray key icon on the thumbnails of an authenticated show.


NOTE: If you log out of your free Hulu account, you will be required to re-authenticate your account the next time you log in OR after 30 days.



Will other content providers require authentication of a pay-TV service in the future?

It's hard for us to speak on behalf of the decisions that content owners may choose to make in the future. As the industry evolves, we expect content owners will continue experimenting as it relates to the availability of content on free ad-supported services like Hulu.

NBC's choice to delay catch-up content from these networks on and and on the free Hulu service is an example of such experimentation. If and when other networks decide to delay their programming on free, ad-supported services like Hulu, we will let you know.



Will there be partnerships with other cable or satellite providers in the future?

While this is just the first of the first TV providers to launch this plan with NBC, we expect more pay-TV providers may enable users to authenticate (meaning: prove they are a pay-TV subscriber by logging in with the subscriber information) in the future. We will keep our users updated if new providers are added.

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