Hulu on Nintendo 3DS
Hulu on Nintendo 3DS
The Hulu experience is now available on the Nintendo 3DS. Download the app through the Nintendo eShop today.

Here at Hulu, we’re constantly innovating to provide our users with access to their favorite TV shows anytime, anywhere, on any device, which is why we’ve actively worked with Nintendo to bring the Hulu experience to Nintendo 3DS. At the moment, the Hulu application can be found on the Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS. If you would like more information about these Nintendo models, go to



Below you can find some help sections that will ensure you get the most out of Hulu on your Nintendo 3DS:



Getting started with Hulu and your Nintendo 3DS

Downloading the Hulu application on your Nintendo 3DS is simple. First make sure to connect your 3DS to your Wi-Fi network, then follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Nintendo 3DS eShop on the Nintendo 3DS home screen.
  2. Search for "Hulu" and confirm the selection to install.
  3. Once the installation is complete, you will see a green tile labeled Hulu on the HOME menu.

Select the Hulu icon to launch the app and sign in with your Hulu account. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for a FREE 1–week trial at


To navigate the Hulu application once you're logged in, you can use the directional buttons, the circle pad or even the lower screen touch panel. Pressing the "A" button will select a menu option and "B" will cancel or move back a step in our menus. The "MENU" button on the upper right corner is the main entry into all other menus and content; simply press it at any time to switch to a new menu. If you would like to log out of the application, the "Log Out" button can be found under “Settings".



How to enable parental controls and Kids Lock

Hulu for the Nintendo 3DS supports Kids Lock – a feature which only permits navigation and playback of content within the Hulu Kids section of the app. Our age restrictions are in place regardless of this feature, so if the age on an account is set under 17, then mature content will be restricted.


Overall parental controls for the 3DS can be enabled/disabled under Parental Controls from the System Settings icon on the HOME Menu.


How to turn ON Kids Lock within Hulu:

  1. From the Home Page of the Hulu application, navigate to the Kids section by tapping the Kids thumbnail within the Menu
  2. In the menu at the top of the screen, tap the Lock option.
  3. Review the information in the Kids Lock pop-up dialog and tap the Lock button
  4. Until unlocked, the Hulu application will limit access only to videos from within the Kids section
How to turn OFF Kids Lock:
  1. Tap the Unlock option in the menu at the top of the Kids section
  2. Enter your Hulu password when prompted in the pop-up login window
  3. Hulu should now unlock and allow navigation to the Home Page by tapping the Hulu logo in the top menu bar.



Streaming issues with Hulu on your 3DS

In order to have a smooth playback experience on your 3DS, we recommend having a minimum download speed of 1.5 Mbps. If you are unsure of the strength of your connection, you can run a quick speed test of your connection by visiting and clicking on the green Begin Test button, comparing the results against our requirements.


In the unfortunate event that the app seems to be frozen, give these troubleshooting tips a try, and test the application in between each to see if performance has changed:

  1. Press the HOME button to return to the main 3DS screen. Re-launching the Hulu app from the main screen should correct the issue.
  2. Try turning off the 3DS for about 1 minute, then powering it back on and re-launching Hulu.
  3. Uninstall and reinstall the Hulu app. From the HOME screen, go to System Settings > Data Management > Nintendo 3DS > Software. Here, you'll see a list of Saved Software Tiles - select Hulu and choose Delete, then reinstall the application from the eShop.



General Questions

  1. How do you browse through content on the 3DS dual screen?

    The Hulu app brings the signature browsing features of Hulu directly to your 3DS device. Once you launch Hulu app on your Nintendo 3DS device, you can instantly browse through all of your favorite TV shows and titles on Hulu, and discover new content with detailed show pages that provide all the information you need. The dual screen allows you to browse in lower screen, while the upper screen instantly shows a focused video. While the video is playing, the lower screen acts as a controller that allows users to pause/play and seek.

  2. Will content on Hulu be available in 3D?

    Hulu content is not available in 3D (nor do we have any 3D effect in our app).

  3. Does the Hulu app for Nintendo 3DS support Circle Pad Pro?

    No, Circle Pad Pro is not supported.

  4. Is it possible to alter the video quality within the app?

    The Hulu app for the Nintendo 3DS family was designed to create an optimized viewing experience on supported devices and the video quality option is currently disabled. At this moment we have one profile/bitrate available on 3DS: 400Kbps.

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