Hulu subscription referrals
Hulu subscription referrals
If you’re a Hulu subscriber, you and your friend get two weeks toward a subscription with the referral program, once your friend signs up for a Hulu subscription.

You can earn over a year free of Hulu in a rolling 60-week period. Subscribers with Add-ons such as SHOWTIME or No Commercials are eligible to receive the two week credit for referred friends only towards their $7.99/month base plan.


To send out referral invitations, visit ( ) and click on one of the icons to refer your friends. You can invite them via email, Facebook, Twitter or sharing your unique referral link. Additionally you can click on  “See Referral Details” link to invite your friends and track your progress. Referrals sent via email will include your name so your friends will know that the message is from you. Below are a few commonly asked questions: 



How will the two weeks be added to my account?

Referral credits will be automatically applied in your next billing cycle. Credits appear when your referrals (as new subscribers) successfully complete the registration process using your referral link and pay for their first month of service.



How do my friends redeem their trial?

All your friends will need to do is click on the referral link provided in your email or social invitation while on a laptop or desktop computer, and they'll be directed to page to enter their signup information. Once that information is entered, that's it - they will receive two weeks and be charged the monthly subscription fee after the trial is over.



I've already received 60 free weeks - will my friends still be eligible for their 2 weeks?

Refer more than 30 friends in one rolling 60-week period and these additional referrals will still be eligible for their two free weeks, though you will not receive additional credit.



My friend has already had a Hulu trial before - can he or she still receive the two weeks?

This offer is currently for new Hulu subscribers. If the referred party has already taken part in a Hulu trial, he or she will not be eligible to receive two weeks free. The offer also cannot be combined with other type of promotions.


If your Hulu subscription is being billed through Amazon or iTunes, you won’t be eligible for the two week credit.


If I have Add-ons on my account am I still eligible for the referral program?

At this time, subscribers with SHOWTIME or No Commercials on Hulu are not eligible to receive the two week credit for referred friends. Friends referred to Hulu by a subscriber with the SHOWTIME or No Commercials Add-On will still be eligible to receive the two week trial for the Hulu base plan with limited commercials. In this instance, as a subscriber with No Commercials or SHOWTIME on Hulu, your referred friends will receive the two week trial, but your account will not be credited for the additional two free weeks.



How does Plenti Refer a Friend offer work?

If you subscribe to the Hulu Limited Commercials plan and have linked your Plenti account to your Hulu account, you can earn 525 Plenti points when you refer a friend who becomes a paying Hulu subscriber. Refer up to 30 friends and you can earn up to 15,750 Plenti points. The more friends you get to subscribe to Hulu, the more Plenti points you earn. Your friend will receive two weeks free of the Hulu $7.99/month plan before becoming a paying Hulu subscriber. 


For more information on the offer, please visit here


Please note, Hulu reserves the right to amend, modify, or waive these Program Details from time to time in its sole discretion. If you have any additional questions about our referral program, please contact our support team – we'd love to help out!

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