FX and FXX show availability on Hulu
FX and FXX show availability on Hulu
A variety of shows from FX and FXX are available the day after air to select pay-TV subscribers.

While browsing through Hulu, you may have noticed the addition of FX and FXX shows to our content library. FX has chosen to allow access to catch-up episodes of some current shows from FX and FXX to viewers that have subscribed to a participating pay-TV service. These episodes will only be available on Hulu to authenticated pay-TV subscribers the day after they air. 


Below you'll find answers to common questions regarding FX and FXX content availability:



What is authentication?

Authentication (also referred to as “verification”) is the way viewers confirm they are currently subscribed to a participating TV provider. For example, FX is currently allowing next-day, on-demand access to select content to viewers who authenticate with a participating TV provider.


How can I see if I have a participating TV provider?

To see if your specific pay-TV service is one of the participating providers for FX and FXX, please visit (hulu.com/authenticate) to search for your provider. Here you can also connect to your provider to access next-day content for certain shows. If your provider is not on the list, you won't be able to view next-day content through authentication. The list of supported providers will continue to expand, so check back often to see if your TV provider has been added. That said, many episodes will be available for unauthenticated Hulu.com users after a limited delay.


It’s important to note that some supported cable and satellite TV subscriptions do not include the rights to view content from all authentication-enabled networks. Users with these cable and satellite TV subscriptions will not be able to view shows from certain networks, such as FX and FXX. At this time, we do not have a way to confirm whether a specific cable subscription is eligible for authentication through Hulu, and we recommend contacting your provider's customer support directly.



How can I tell if an episode requires authentication?

A lock icon will appear on episodes that require authentication. Locked episodes are currently available to Hulu.com viewers on their computer who sign in with a participating TV provider subscription. 


If you have a participating TV provider subscription, you can authenticate by visiting hulu.com/authenticate and selecting your TV provider through the Search For Your Provider section. For specific show information (for example, an episode’s availability), you can find more details under the Availability Notes from a show’s main page (for example, hulu.com/sons-of-anarchy).


How do I authenticate?

If you have a subscription with one of our supported cable or satellite TV providers, you can connect your account by visiting Hulu.com/authenticate

  1. Log in to your Hulu account or connect through Facebook.
  2. Use the “Search For Your Provider” section to enter your cable or satellite provider.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to connect your account


You will also be directed to the authentication page when you click on the gray key icon on the thumbnails of an authenticated show.


NOTE: If you log out of your Hulu account, you will be required to re-authenticate your account the next time you log in OR after 30 days. Additionally, if you do not have a participating TV provider account, you will not be able to view FX/FXX content. 



What if I don’t have a subscription with a participating TV provider?

If you don’t have a subscription with a participating TV provider, you will not be able to view FX/FXX content.



Can I watch FX or FXX shows through my Hulu-enabled devices?

Current season FX and FXX shows are not available on Hulu-enabled devices. These shows are available on the PC only through Hulu.com.


A selection of previous season FX and FXX shows are available on Hulu-enabled devices. For more information regarding show and device availability, visit a show's main page (e.x. hulu.com/louie). 



I'm a subscriber on the No Commercials plan and I've connected my pay-TV provider, why do I still see commercials?

For Hulu subscribers who have authenticated with their pay-TV provider on Hulu.com, shows that are not part of the Hulu subscription service will still have commercial breaks. While rare, it's important to note that not all shows on Hulu.com are a part of the Hulu subscription – A good example of this is Suits.


To qualify for next-day viewing for certain FX and FXX content, you must be an authenticated subscriber from a supported pay-TV provider. To see if your current pay-TV provider supports authentication, please visit (hulu.com/authenticate) for a complete list. Additionally, these shows are available on desktop only, and are not available through Hulu-enabled devices.


 Please visit this help article for more information about authenticated content on Hulu.

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