Finding things to watch on your Hulu TV device
Finding things to watch on your Hulu TV device
Your favorite shows and movies on Hulu are never too far away. There are a bunch of different ways to find things to watch, such as searching for a specific show, browsing through the app, or navigating to a recommended show.

Below are some ways to browse and find content on your TV device with Hulu:




Search is a great, straightforward way to find exactly what you're looking for. Navigate to the search bar at the top-right of the Hulu app to start looking for a show or movie. 




With Watchlist, you can quickly jump back into a show that you've been watching. We keep track so that you don't need to spend more time searching or browsing through a long list of shows. Watchlist can be found below the main navigation section on the front page of Hulu app. 




What do you do when you've run out of things to watch? We'll always have Recommendations or "You May Also Like" on both the main page of the Hulu app, as well as any show or movie page. 



New or Recently Added

Because we're always adding new shows and movies, sometimes this is the best way to browse for something to watch. You can find recently added content in both the TV and Movies sections, as well as on the main page of the Hulu app. 



Popular Shows and Movies

Popular content is a great way to find what others are watching. The ability to filter through shows, episodes and clips will get you more quickly to something that best suits your taste. Popular shows and movies are featured on the main landing page of Hulu, along with clicking on either the TV or Movies tile. 




If you've found a network that you tend to like shows from, here you can browse through other content available from the same network. Navigate to the TV section from the main page of the Hulu app to access Networks. 




Similar to Networks, Genres can help to narrow down what you're interested in watching. From Comedy to Documentaries to Sci-Fi, Genres are a great alternative to browsing a full alphabetical listing of content. Navigate to the TV or Movies sections from the main page of the Hulu app to access Genres. 



Trending Now

These are popular clips from both Hulu and around the internet. Here you can watch a funny moment from the Tonight Show or catch an unexpected animal best-friend duo. This section is found by scrolling down on the front page of the Hulu app. 



Curated Trays

Some of the more constantly changing sections of the Hulu app are the different curated TV and Movie trays. In these trays, you can find featured genres, collections of films or different episodes surrounding a theme. These sections can be found throughout the Hulu app. 

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