Live TV programming availability and broadcast restrictions

Jan 2, 2019

Your Live TV subscription includes access to 60+ top channels for live streaming local, regional, and national network coverage of your favorite sports, news — and more. Your Live TV coverage, including how it’s determined and what’s available (and when), may vary based on a variety of different factors.

Live channel availability

The live local and regional sports networks that are available with your Live TV subscription are location based. Regional sports networks are determined by your pinned Home location, and local affiliate networks are based on your physical location.

This means, when you’re on the go, you can keep up with your hometown sports teams — while checking the local news and weather.

Pro-tip: Enter your zip code anytime to check your network coverage and available channel lineup.

Live event availability

Some live programming, such as specific sporting events, may be out-of-market and unavailable due to regional availability, blackouts, and the device you’re using to watch.

These restrictions are determined by the sports leagues and other rights holders and can affect availability across various broadcast and cable TV services.

Having trouble?

If you’re running into restriction issues similar to the above, try using your Hulu credentials to log in and watch your live event on other TV apps and websites.