I can’t log in to Hulu

Jan 10, 2019

If you’re having trouble logging in to the Hulu app or accessing your subscription, it may be due to different reasons. Click below for more information:

There’s an issue with your subscription

Are you unable to log in to your device and watch videos, but you’re able to log in to Hulu.com/account successfully?

If so, there may be an issue with your subscription. To confirm, take the following steps:

  1. On your Account page, check your billing status on the top left corner under Overview
  2. If you see a notification about your account (i.e. expired card, hold, etc.) you may need to update your billing information and try again

There’s an issue with your password

Do you get an “invalid” error when trying to log in to Hulu.com/account?

If so, try resetting your password. In case you don’t receive an email from us after requesting a password reset link:

  • Check your spam folder
  • Consider if your Hulu subscription is under a different email address (see below)

There’s an issue with your email address

It’s possible we have an email address that’s different from the one you’re trying to use. 

Consider if your subscription is under a different email address and try logging in again. In case that doesn’t work, try recovering the email address on file.