How to use Hulu on PlayStation VR

Jul 28, 2017

Supported devices

The PlayStation®VR headset is compatible with Playstation 4

Downloading the Hulu App

  1. While wearing your PlayStation VR headset, use the on-screen pointer to focus on the PlayStation Store
  2. Tap the select button on your PlayStation remote to select the Store
  3. Select the Hulu app
  4. Select download
  5. Follow the prompts to complete the download.

Once you've launched Hulu, you will have to option to log in by using the on-screen keyboard or device activation code. 

If you already have the regular Hulu app on your Playstation 4, you should be automatically logged in to the Hulu VR app. 

Health and safety using your VR headset

Please visit Playstation’s site for additional PlayStation VR information.


Please read our troubleshooting guide for PlayStation VR.