Differences between the latest Hulu app and the classic Hulu app

Dec 20, 2018

There are currently two different versions of the Hulu app — the main difference between them being the available content and features.

Latest Hulu app

The latest Hulu app — available on these supported devices — features a sleek and personalized look. Viewers will have access to everything from the Hulu streaming library, live TV, HBO, Cinemax, SHOWTIME, and STARZ (if subscribed). Additionally, the following features are available:

Classic Hulu app

The classic Hulu app — available on these supported devices — only features content from the Hulu streaming library and SHOWTIME (if subscribed). Live TV and all other Premium Add-ons are only supported on the latest Hulu app.

The classic Hulu app also uses Watchlist (instead of My Stuff) to organize your recently watched and saved content. Additionally, the newer features listed above are not available on this app version.