Troubleshooting Google Daydream

Jun 6, 2017

If you continue experiencing issues after completing general troubleshooting, here are some additional, device-specific steps for Google Daydream that may help:
  • Re-center your view. If you can’t see parts of the screen, or you can’t find the menu or cursor, try re-centering your view. In VR mode: Look in the direction you want to face, point your controller in the same direction and then press and hold the Home button for a few seconds.
  • Check Bluetooth connection. If the controller isn’t pairing, turn off all active Bluetooth connections. Open your phone's Settings app > Under Wireless & networks tap Bluetooth > Bluetooth should be turned on > Disconnect all devices except the controller.
  • Try a different location. If the controller disconnects while in VR, move away from large metal objects or other Bluetooth devices.
  • Re-pair controller and Android. If the controller won’t pair with your phone. Open the Daydream icon > Settings > Pair new controller > Press and hold down the Home button
  • Clear VR Services app data. If the controller still doesn’t keep a strong connection, try the following clearing your phone’s data. Open your phone’s Settings app > Tap Apps > Google VR Core Services > Storage > Clear Data > OK > Open the Daydream app and try pairing.
  • Visit Google’s Daydream Help Center for additional troubleshooting