Watchlist on Hulu

Jan 4, 2019

Watchlist is a personalized list of all of the shows and movies you watch or plan to watch. It keeps track of all your favorites and organizes them based on how, when, and where you use Hulu — without you needing to do anything but stream.

Your Watchlist is dynamically sorted to serve the most relevant content first. Shows and movies will move to the back of your Watchlist once you’re all caught up, and then we’ll replace them with the thing you're most likely to watch next. Whenever new episodes are added or something is set to expire soon, you’ll see a badge on that piece of content giving you the heads up. 

Watchlist vs. My Stuff

Watchlist is available on devices that support the classic Hulu app. On the latest Hulu app, a similar feature called My Stuff is used to track and organize your favorites. The main difference between the two features is that Watchlist tracks everything you watch, while My Stuff only tracks content that you’ve added manually.

The two features do not automatically sync, so if you happen to use one device with Watchlist and one with My Stuff, you may notice some disparity. Adding content to Watchlist does not add it to My Stuff and vice versa, but you can import your Watchlist to My Stuff at any time. 

Managing Watchlist

The easiest way to add anything to your Watchlist is to simply start watching — we’ll do the heavy lifting for you from there. If you’ve added an individual episode, clip or movie to your Watchlist (as opposed to a show) it will automatically be removed once you’ve watched it. 

You can also manually add or remove videos. To do so, navigate to the show or movie details page and select the (+) Add to Watchlist or (-) Remove from Watchlist button. 

Keep in mind that Watchlist always reflects the most recently watched content. If other family members watch the same show and you're on a different episode than what's appearing in Watchlist, just start watching where you last left off — your new position in the show will be reflected moving forward.