Cloud DVR on Hulu

Dec 21, 2018

Thanks to our Cloud DVR feature, Live TV subscribers don’t have to worry about missing out on an important newscast, sporting event, movie or show that they love.

With 50 available hours of storage — and the option to upgrade to Enhanced Cloud DVR for 200 total hours if needed — you’re free to go out on that blind date, read a book or explore the great outdoors. Your recorded content will be waiting for you when you’re ready to watch.

How does it work? Simple. Just add a show, movie or team to My Stuff and you’ll be able to record:

  • New episodes and reruns of TV shows
  • Games of the teams you follow
  • Daily broadcasts of local and national news
  • Televised movies and special events

Content will stay in your Cloud DVR and continue to record (subject to availability) as long as your Live TV subscription remains active and your storage limits aren’t exceeded. If you’re ever unable to locate a recording, it’s possible that it was not available or able to be recorded.

Storage Limits

Cloud DVR storage limits are applied on a per-account basis, though each profile can have separate recordings. Although you can’t see per-profile storage usage, you’re able to see the total number of remaining storage hours for the account at the top of the Manage DVR section in My Stuff.

If your Cloud DVR storage is full, you will see “DVR Full” instead. When you have exceeded your account’s storage limit, Cloud DVR will free up space for new recordings by automatically removing your oldest videos. This process will continue for as long as your Cloud DVR storage remains full. You can also manually delete recordings (or add Enhanced Cloud DVR) in order to free up more storage space. Learn more about managing your Cloud DVR.